The centennial SIL meeting will be organized as a hybrid conference with participants both on site and via the web. This format is motivated by the need to reduce the environmental footprint of the conference, particularly air travel, but also by the ongoing uncertainties associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. We will physically convene in the Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Gemany, and enable virtual participation from around the world. 

We aim to offer the best of both worlds by recording all sessions and live streaming the plenary presentations. All recordings will be available online during the conference and until at least 3 months after the conference.

The conference will start on Sunday afternoon, 7 August and last until 10 August 2022. The scientific program from Monday to Wednesday will run from 9:00 am till 5:15 pm UTS. We will do our best to account for different time zones globally, by scheduling the plenary events in the early afternoon UTS.

SIL-specific meetings, workshops, excursions etc. will take place after the scientific program or prior and after the core meeting dates of the conference.

The opening of the conference and the first plenary presentation will be held in the afternoon on Sunday, 7 August 2022.

We foresee a variety of side events, including a conference dinner, scientific excursions, and various platforms for interaction.

Further details and updates will be provided continuously.